Solar Powered EEE PC

By | February 10, 2022

A cheap easy solar charger for the Asus EEE PC.

I spent the summer in BC camping and hiking with some old high school friends. I brought my trusty EEE with me to check email on “borrowed” wifi whenever we ventured into a town. Finding a place to charge the EEE was always an annoyance and I kept thinking a solar panel would be a gread accessory. Well I did some searching and found one that works perfectly for charging in the wilderness.

It is available for purchase on ebay and even comes with the correct tip for the EEE along with many extra tips for your cellphones or other low power devices.

Here is a picture of an EEE happily charging using this panel.

This panel only provides 5 watts on optimal sunlight so while it will charge the EEE it will not let you use the EEE and charge it at the same time. So turn it off stick it out by your tent for the day and you’ll come back to a full battery.

Panel closeup:

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